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I am 30 years old as I am writing this in September 2022. I am originally from the state of Michigan. I moved to Sioux Falls last year after living in the Nashville area of Tennessee for two and a half years. I also should have a visual arts listing here. However, I have been reading and writing for much longer than I have been producing art. Since about 2015, having been medically discharged from the Army, I have spent much of my life in disciplined study. Most of this these studies were not related to academia, but because I was awarded a G.I. Bill, I did also get a degree at Western Michigan University. The subjects I enjoy studying are philosophy, history, language, logic, poetry and theology. At some point I decided that "I, too, am a writer". As of now I have written nine poems, three improvised psalms, and some fragments of philosophy. I have also compiled a list of suggested readings for those who seek wisdom and understanding. I haven't published anything yet. Feel free to contact me if you also seek these things. Here is one of my poems, which I was inspired to write after spending time in the Mikkelsen Library at Augustana:

In the Library

Books arraign themselves in aisles like chanting monks
I anoint myself with prayers before descending into a sea of words and pictures
The first page sparks my interest - I am captivated
But I wear wisdom as a necklace and I remember the words of the Teacher who said,
“All is in vain, and of the making of many books there is no end”

Still, there is more joy for me in this than there is in a child with candy
All knowledge is at my fingertips, and also is my tumbler of coffee
I am at the height of gratitude
I welcome your judgment. It bothers me not.
All I ask is to dwell in this sanctuary of the Word of God without disturbance

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