Fiscal Sponsorship

We Offer Support.

“A fiscal sponsor is a nonprofit organization that provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of charitable projects.” — via National Council of Nonprofits

The Sioux Falls Arts Council proudly offers fiscal sponsorship to local organizations. This relationship enables emerging arts organization an opportunity to use the Sioux Falls Arts Council’s 501c3 status if their organization does not possess one or are planning on attaining one in the future. Donations to these organizations are thus considered tax deductible. If you are interested in learning more about or fiscal sponsorship program or you would like to be considered for fiscal sponsorship through the Sioux Falls Arts Council, please call our office at 605-271-6696 or send us an email at:

See who we proudly sponsor below!

Headlights Theater

Headlights Theater was founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to bring the Sioux Falls community together in a safe way while uplifting and expanding the intimate arts community. The Headlights Theater mission is to transform bleak parking lots into magical landscapes and provide a live performance experience while maintaining appropriate mitigation practices through social distancing to create a safe, yet connected, concert filled with music and dance. Our goal is to expand and uplift our intimate South Dakota arts community while educating, entertaining, inspiring, and protecting our general public.

Our Growth Project

Our Growth Project is dedicated “discovering greatness in youths through edutainment: education, art, and entertainment”. We are hosting a community youth-centered poetry open mic for the public. We believe this event will bring people together and allow our community to grow as one. This event also provides opportunities to local artists to showcase their craft in front of a crowd and promote them in the community in which they reside. It is in our future plan to organize a leadership conference once per year that will focus on the growth of young adults. This conference will represent the education part of our mission. Our Growth Project will host other events based on the needs of the community.

Sioux Falls Photography Collaborative

Our mission as the Sioux Falls Photography Collaborative is to create a platform that gives all those aspiring in the photography field an opportunity to be exposed to a network of professionals and mentors, to display their work in a professional setting, and to exercise creative freedom.


untitled.10 is a free publication that covers locally produced theatre, comedy, dance and music, including interviews with performing artists, up-and-coming companies and upcoming local events in the space.  Founded in 2020, this quarterly periodical aims to showcase the incredible efforts by our community’s most creative minds in the performing-arts space.

The Watering Can

Our mission is to embrace the arts through community development and assistance to artists in their professional and leadership development.

Goals of The Watering Can:

  • Provide professional development for artists and creatives
  • Local scheduled classes
  • Online classes
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Resource hub
  • Creating community for peer support and sharing of resources & knowledge
  • Support established creatives to move to the next level
  • Mentor program
  • Leadership development to encourage and support creatives to step forward and have the skills to lead
  • To be a vehicle for organizations, communities, governmental entities and other nonprofits to develop and implement community development projects and events
  • Provide education and opportunities for collectors and potential patrons to be comfortable and willing to financially support artists and their work

White Spruce Chamber Players

Our mission is to embrace the arts through community development and assistance to artists in their professional and leadership development.