Angie Gillespie

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Hi! I’m an artist from Sioux Falls, working with encaustic medium.

I use paintbrushes, a blow torch, irons and a heat gun to push colors around & form movement.

My palette is filled with soup cans & tins that rest on a heated griddle. I have sticks, picks, knives & scrapers to mold the wax & carve detail. This is the magic of working with encaustic!

I create my encaustic clear medium by mixing beeswax with damar crystals which act as a hardener. Many of my colors are custom created mixtures of dry pigments to which I add to the clear medium. A key component in working with encaustic is each layer of wax must be fused together with the previous layer by heat. Details can be captured in time as layers of wax are melted, waiting to be scraped away to reveal new patterns that are hidden beneath!

Samples of Work