Anndell Wubben

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Anndell Wubben is the talented artist behind Henna Harvest based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Sought out for her skilled and intricate work, she specializes in illustration, realism, and florals — her personal favorite — infusing the ancient art of henna with a modern twist.  

A firm believer that henna knows no gender, age, or style, Anndell connects with her clients on a personal level, capturing their essence to deliver beautiful works of wearable art.

She has received multiple “People’s Choice Awards” at festivals around the Midwest, and has been a featured instructor in modern henna techniques at internationally-recognized henna conferences. She is one of the most sought after instructors for modern stylized henna, but is also quickly becoming known for her unique style of painting with henna on paper and canvas. 

When she is not with clients, Anndell can be found reading at her local coffee shops, kayaking down the Big Sioux, or playing Legend of Zelda with her son. 

Samples of Work