Alexondrea Thong Vanh

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Alexondrea Thong Vanh is a local artist and performer. She is a graduate of both American Musical Dramatic Academy New York and University of South Dakota, where she holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Theatre. Alexondrea works with Good Night Theatre Collective, The Premiere Playhouse, and the Washington Pavilion. Alex also stars in local commercials such as FSD Airport, KCAU 9 and Sanford Health. Offstage in her free time, Alex enjoys painting and finds it both a relaxing and challenging coping mechanism! Recent works include texture studies of impasto technique, where heavy texture is mixed with acrylic and varied ways of application with brushes, knives, combs, spoons, and decorating bags. Her content generally plays with bold colors and is inspired by surrealism, nature, and her own life experiences.

Samples of Work