Wes Eisenhauer

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

The ability to manipulate a seemingly ordinary moment and infuse it with an interesting perspective is what drives my interest in photography. My past experiences traveling, playing music, and being submerged in skateboard culture have shaped the way I observe my environment. The practice of patience, embracing spontaneity, and making the most of what you have available to you are all things that have influenced how I approach photography.

I aim to invoke a feeling of wonder and mystery with my work. To showcase the uniqueness of my specific geography and the oddities that are occurring all around us in nature. My images are an observation of people, the unusual moments that life presents to me, and occasionally, a fabrication of what I envisioned could have taken place in those moments. The moments in between the moments that have often become my point of interest. I’ve learned that I don’t need to be actively pursuing these moments, as much as I need to be consistent in how often I make myself available to them.

Utilizing the advanced technologies that are accessible and available to us only encourages further exploration into pushing the limits of what’s possible creatively. The ordinary is interesting, the extraordinary exists, and life can be bizarre at times. I rarely find what I’m looking for when and where I expect to find it, so in order to make compelling work, I must make myself available to what the world might present to me when I’m least expecting it, as often as I possibly can.

Samples of Work