Sioux Falls

About The Artist

JAKE is a moniker for Experimental Rock artist Jacob Lemme. Since the age of 3, his passion for music was as tremendous as his head is bald.

He is known for his outlandish and erratic stage presence which was inspired by watching music icons such as Iggy Pop, Tyler, The Creator, and Beck. Apart from his energy alone onstage, he will occasionally interact with the audience by engaging in toilet paper fights or crowd-surf in his underwear. JAKE is a live event that demands engagement that is unlike other midwest shows before it. His musical styles tackle many different genres such as Alternative Rock, Indiepop, Post-Punk, RnB, and Singer/Songwriter.

The goal Jacob Lemme wants to do for his art and art in his hometown of Sioux Falls is to have everyone take a look into his head riddled with ADHD and take inspiration to embrace who you are cable of being. He simply wants to create for a living as well as help and encourage others to do the same. The world is chaotic for the wrong reasons so be chaotic to make it for the right reasons.

Lemme has been making music for over 5 years and at 22 years old, he has plenty of goals he’s looking to accomplish. He currently is partnered alongside Maksim Savianok (Subrift) making music and playing shows to promote the 2019 JAKE release Empty Can Kicking Itself. He is also a member of the music/arts collective Jorfren alongside Sioux Falls artist Soleil Bashale.

Samples of Work