Featured Visual Artist: Klaire Lockheart

Sioux Falls, S.D. — The Sioux Falls Arts Council will feature KLAIRE LOCKHEART as September and October’s Featured Visual Artist. Lockheart will be on display from September until the end of October.

KLAIRE LOCKHEART believes that the concept of femininity, is vastly complex and absurd, consisting of modern expectations paired with old social customs. From an early age, girls are inundated with rules and mores of what it means to be feminine, and they are expected to learn how to become women. These rigid gender roles are perplexing, especially since women are often obligated to fulfill multifaceted roles dictated by religious institutions, families, and communities. Her paintings are a way for her to explore the unnatural expectations of femininity. The women depicted in her work are portrayed life-sized in order to express to the viewer that these subjects represent actual people. The scale of the paintings allows the women to be seen as monumental and intimidating, especially since they look down towards the viewer. To highlight the contrasting roles women are supposed to fulfill, such as chastity and sexiness, the women wear a combination of modest clothing and provocative footwear. The women also wear aprons to highlight the absurdity of requiring women to be tidy at all times, even though they are often responsible for dirty work. The subjects and their environments are painted representationally with oil on canvas to allow the models’ expressions to be clearly seen, which permits them to share their displeasure about trying to fit in the role of femininity set by our culture.


Sioux Falls Imagined: A Cultural Plan for a Vibrant and Prosperous City, approved by the City of Sioux Falls in July 2014, named the Sioux Falls Arts Council as the organization given the charge of implementing the plan. From the Artists and Creative Workers task force findings, a strong need identified for the local art community was alternative exhibition space(s). The Featured Artist Exhibit at the Sioux Falls Arts Council office opened in May 2016 as a way to start filling this need.

The Sioux Falls Arts Council, located in the Crane Centre at 8th & Railroad 326 E 8thSt #106A, is open Monday-Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, First Fridays 5:00 – 8:00 pm, and by appointment. Visit www.ArtsSiouxFalls.org for more information.

This event is free & open to the public; family friendly.
The SFAC is wheelchair accessible from the back entrance of the Crane Centre.
Please notify in advance for any accommodations.

Please Contact:
Angelica Mercado
Communications and Program Coordinator
Sioux Falls Arts Council
605.271.6696 ext. 403

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