Scott Stubbe (Granary Woodcrafts)

Sioux Falls, SD

About The Artist

Under the name Granary Woodcrafts I make furniture, wall art, and other crafts from wood reclaimed from old farm buildings (a.k.a. barn wood), weather-downed trees, and discarded pallets. Nature is the most skilled woodworker of us all, making wondrous knots and hollowed-out logs, as well as adding rustic beauty to sterile human-processed lumber.

I also do some crafting of novelty items (ask me about my “Shark Coochie” boards) including spiritual and mystical designs. Depending on the application, novelty items may be made entirely of new wood (i.e. charcuterie boards – BTW, shark coochie is an irreverent way to say charcuterie).

I use lasers and epoxy to add color and customization to items. I can do river tables and surfaces that look like they have captured fire, and can also engrave patterns, images, text, or logos. However, sometimes the best wood treatment is to just cover the natural beauty with a preserving clear coat and enjoy it for the work of art that nature created.

The name Granary Woodcrafts comes from an old wooden granary at our family farm that is losing its roof. In many of my crafts, I am sharing that part of our family’s history with you.

Samples of Work