Rollan Wengert

Tea, SD

About The Artist

Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters once said, “Duct Tape isn’t perfect for anything, but is adequate for everything.” I can’t think of a better metaphor for myself. I’m duct tape. Capable in a jack mess of trades–from manly trades such as home construction and grilling to poindexter pursuits such as philosophy and Greek–but haven’t mastered any so as to become a professional.

I live in Tea, SD and currently work as a fundraiser for Books 4 Kids Program. I have three boys, rowdy and strong-willed. In order to afford our sole income budget, I have to use my duct-tape-like versatility. I do what I can to keep projects simple and inexpensive and try to use and reuse what is available.

My great occupational passion is writing. As a youth, I’d spend hours in my room typing stories. Stories of all kinds. Stories that were never finished. Then, I grew up. Hints flowed my way, that maybe, I ought to choose a ‘realistic’ career path. So I did what any confused teen would do. I joined the army.

Four Army and another four college years later, I learned I’m too scatterbrained, for a ‘realistic’ career path. I began writing again. My only constant pursuit of occupational joy. (I love doing and learning new things, I just have a hard time sticking with them.) And, I actually started finishing works. Work like: Caveat Ties, Soul Shocked, and Zaide: Mozart’s Lost Opera

Samples of Work