Erin Murtha

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Erin Murtha is a mixed media and textile artist. Her work focuses on exploration of memory and its degradation over time, community, consumerism, and data. She has a love for themed anything, from restaurants to art shows to wardrobes, and often creates mini series of works tailored to show themes. Erin has been creating and showing art for over a decade. Due to her generally curious nature, she often lets the medium define the story of a piece and will frequently explore new mediums and techniques. Her work is driven by curiosity (of a subject, material, interaction) and is colorful, whimsical, and often lightly humorous. The ultimate end goal (whether people see layers and stories or not) of any piece Erin creates in any medium, is to bring joy to the viewer.
TEXTILE: Most often Erin works in textile. Her stitched pieces (2D and 3D) are all created on a basic sewing machine.
INSTALLATION: In addition to textile work she loves to work with her husband (Sean Hartka) to create interactive exhibits and installations. Erin has two favorite times in life – bedtime at 9 and the duration of a successful interactive art exhibit.

Samples of Work