Mecca Rutherford

Sioux Falls, SD

About The Artist

Mecca delights in creating gorgeous, textured oil paintings of landscapes and still lifes that will bless your space with breathtaking beauty and be a treasured heirloom for life. She works in all sizes, from very large, commercial-sized paintings suitable for businesses or large homes down to tiny, intimate jewel paintings that ship and travel easily.

She is currently showing at NV Studio in Downtown Sioux Falls. Recent works were inspired by local and statewide landscapes. Trees, flowers & themed series related to music and novels are also recent inspirations.

Mecca is always creating unique works of art available for purchase
and she is also available for private commissions.

Her training: Mecca began training as an artist at the age of 11. She earned dual art degrees from Arizona State University: a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting, and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Sculpture (1995). At the university, she branched out into three-dimensional art, working primarily in stone, metals (bronze, aluminum, steel, copper), concrete, wax, clay and plaster. But always, her true passion remained with painting. And it was in college that she absolutely fell in love with OIL painting, in particular.

Shortly after graduation from university, Mecca joined The Phoenix Art Group (PAG) in Phoenix, Arizona. From 1996-2003, she worked with the PAG apprenticing under internationally collected artists. While working with the PAG, she created paintings that sold around the world.

Samples of Work