Mecca Rutherford

Sioux Falls, SD

About The Artist

Hello! I’m Mecca Rutherford and I delight in creating gorgeous, textured oil paintings of landscapes and still lifes that bless your space with breathtaking beauty and your life with an heirloom to treasure.

I work in all sizes, from very large, commercial sized paintings suitable for businesses or large homes, all the way down to tiny, intimate jewel paintings that enliven the tiniest nooks or bookshelves.

I am currently showing in 2 galleries in downtown Sioux Falls: NV Studio Gallery and Serendipity Studio Gallery. Recent works of mine were inspired by local and statewide landscapes. Trees, flowers & themed series related to music and novelists have also been recent inspirations for me. I’ll be branching out into very high relief/high sculpted surfaces very soon.

I am always creating unique works of art available for purchase
and am typically able to accommodate custom private commissions.
Recent award! In November 2023, I participated in the Artists of the Plains show and won “Best of Show!” (See picture of me in my booth 😊!)

Upcoming Events:

  • Soon to add Piper Arts Gallery, Sioux Falls, to the list of galleries representing my work.
  • April – August, 2024, participating in “The Buffalo: Master of the Plains” show at The Center for Western Studies at Augustana University, Sioux Falls.
  • June 2024 – June 2025, invited to participate in the “The Art Masters” show at Minnehaha Country Club, Sioux Falls.
  • October 2024: invited to be the featured artist at Eastbank Art Gallery, downtown Sioux Falls.
  • January – April 2025: Solo Show in the expansive galleries at The Center for Western Studies at Augustana University. This will be a BIG show and highly publicized and is such a dream come true!!

My Background:

I began training as an artist at the age of 11. I received my first paid commission in grade school, with more serious commissions coming in High School. I went on to earn dual art degrees from Arizona State University: a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting, and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Sculpture (1995). At university, I branched out into three-dimensional art, working primarily in stone, metals (bronze, aluminum, steel, copper), concrete, wax, clay and plaster. But always, my true passion remained with painting. It was in college that I absolutely fell in love with OIL painting, in particular.

Shortly after graduation from university, I joined The Phoenix Art Group (PAG) in Phoenix, Arizona. From 1996 – 2003, I worked with the PAG apprenticing and designing under internationally collected artists. While working with the PAG, I created paintings that were sold worldwide under incorporated artist names.

From 2003 – 2009, I ran my own art business, “Paintings by Mecca,” taking a steady stream of private, custom commissions.

From 2009 – 2022, I laid down my brush to focus on raising and homeschooling the 2 greatest masterpieces I’ll ever have the privilege of influencing-my son, Devan, and my daughter, Elsah 😊.

Briefly from 2015 – 2016, and now again since 2022, I began my new art business, “Mecca Fine Art.” I’ve been consistently building this new business since 2022, and I’m loving every minute of it 😊!!

Samples of Work