Mary Payton

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

I am a Sioux Falls artist currently painting abstract acrylic pieces. Recent work finds me caught up in an exploration of my unique visual experiences, striving to convey what it feels like to be trapped inside of the filter my brain is determined to use. My hope is that these pieces reach the audience with a pleasant, energetic, positive slant. I use vivid color combinations and repetitive strokes to push those feelings across the space between art and viewer. I hope for individuals to find landscapes, animals, people, or objects among the chaos of dots and fragments of color.

My process involves many layers of paint, giving these canvases an entire individual history. I am looking for them to spark wonder and curiosity, just as I marvel at the history of objects, and imagine their life’s experiences. I would like for the viewer to recognize something of themselves in each piece- a memory, a favorite color, a feeling.

Samples of Work