Kyrie Dunkley ( Shinin Star Style)


About The Artist

My English name is Kyrie Dunkley, my native name is Wichapi Iyoyunpa Wi (Shining Star Woman). I am Dakota and Lakota: 4 bands of the Oceti Sakowin. I was born in Sisseton, S.D. I am enrolled in the Enemy Swim District. I live in Sioux Falls, S.D. I work from home sewing clothes and selling them under the name “Shinin Star Style” My off the rack items can be found at Sweetgrass Soapery / All Walks Trading Post Co. in downtown Sioux Falls those items include ribbon skirts, ribbon shirts and DIY ribbon skirt kits.

I provide sewing services, stories, songs, and language preservation by offering traditional wearable art that is specifically designed to encourage the current generation to indigenize their space while teaching and reinforcing language and cultural protocols. I hope to inspire further individual research into our history or future educational presentations. I welcome Q +A’s from all walks of life.

Prior to COVID-19 I was the after-school Native Youth Club activities teacher for the Multi-Cultural Center in Sioux Falls for children K-5. During quarantine in May 2020, I put together a collection and presented a Virtual Fashion Show Fundraiser dedicated to MMIW, the funds were given to a local indigenous grassroots group now known as WoOhitika Ogna Mani (Walking Together With Courage) whose primary mission is working towards healing, wellness, and positive mentorship.

I am a two-time recipient of the 2021 Arts South Dakota Artist Emergency Relief Fund. I have become certified in Indianpreneurship Training and Building Native Communities Financial Education through the Black Hills Community Loan Fund Indigenous Artist program. I’m in a small business empowerment program offered through Think 3D called Leaders of Tomorrow to expand on my leadership skills.

Currently Vice President on the 2021-2022 Indian Education Parent Committee , board member of the INU- Indigenous Nations United 501 (C) non-profit organization, and approved for the SDAC teaching artist roster for this upcoming school year 2022. I am devoted to working with the schools and community to provide interactive services to preserve our culture and encourage our current generation to continue indigenizing their spaces through expressive art.

My most recent work has been with Joe Foss at Axtell Park instructing the students how to make ribbon skirts. The length and subject of any residency will determine specific materials, project outcomes, meeting times and other variables. Please contact me for more information.

Samples of Work