Kenzie Shubert

Sioux Falls, SD

About The Artist

I began my journey in design very early in life, and have been making art for over a decade. I am co-organizer of Untitled.10, a non-profit that organizes and curates pop-up exhibits in the Sioux Falls area to benefit not only local artists, but the local community as well. Our platform puts inclusivity at the forefront of our values. Organizing and curating shows with artists at every level and local businesses are key networking points for not only ourselves, but for the community we create and gather.

I am a graphic designer currently specializing in UI design and experimentation at Blend Interactive. Creating websites requires the proper UX research to make informed decisions on design. I partake in roles within the UX and strategy realm on a case-by-case basis. I also specialize in the traditional graphic design elements and collaboration for internal marketing and social media assets.

I’m passionate about the arts and my roles within the community. Art and design is not only my job, but truly my passion.

Samples of Work