Jodi Jensen Vittitoe

Sioux Falls, SD

About The Artist

I am a full time ceramic and mixed media artist, part time art teacher. My work experience in the arts spans over 38 years. This experience includes personal studio work, art foundry work for others and teaching. Having my studio on the property where I live makes for an easy commute and privacy this introvert thrives on.

The majority of my work is in ceramic sculpture and utilitarian pottery. Drawing is the foundation of all my work. Clay, objects from nature and found objects can be inspirational. I go to work in the studio inspired or not. A great deal of my work is commissioned. One can not wait around hoping to be inspired. The work is what gets my creative juices flowing.

I have lived in South Dakota for over half my life. I love the landscape and the natural beauty it displays, sunrise to sunset.

Samples of Work