Jayme Wiertzema

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Jayme Wiertzema teaches and creates art in the city of Sioux Falls. As an artist, working with people is her favorite part of the artistic process.

Whether it is elementary students sharing the meaning of their painting in art class, a group of people enjoying time together at a holiday painting party, or an individual requesting a painting of a special person or pet in their life, these interactions are her “why”.

Jayme has her Masters in Art Education where she studied the growth mindset and how teachers’ mindsets can affect students. She believes that positive mindsets in art class can change the school experience for students. She wants her students to believe they are loved and that everything they create matters.

As a teacher, art shows and displaying student art is something she focusses on. She has had students participate in the Washington Pavilion “Off the Fridge” art shows, as well as art shows within the school. Originally from Hills, Minnesota, Jayme appreciates how much the city of Sioux Falls has to offer when it comes to the visual arts.

Although Wiertzema is very involved as a teacher, she also creates outside of the school environment. She takes commissions for calligraphy signs for special events, leads painting parties, and paints portraits of people and pets upon request.

Samples of Work