Janny Hanson

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Hello!  I began working in knitwear design in 2020, after 29 years as a hobbyist in the fiber arts.  I am interested in designing many types of patterns for knitters, with a particular focus on designing garments.  I have a deep love for a good handknit cardigan or an intricate colorwork pullover.  

I am truly inspired by my peers in the knitwear design community, particularly Joji Locatelli, Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks, and PetiteKnit.  I enjoy seeing what is new and engaging for the knitting community, and challenging myself to design garments and accessories that may inspire a fellow knitter to deepen their craft and learn something new.  I offer knitting tutorials to accompany the skills used in my patterns in an effort to empower knitters to find my patterns to be achievable despite their level of experience.  

Samples of Work