Grace Reiffenberger

Vermillion, SD

About The Artist

My name is Grace, and I am an Art Education major at the University of South Dakota! I have an emphasis in painting, and a minor in art history.

My work explores the relationship between nature/plants and human health/mental health. I take a lot of my inspiration and influence from the natural world and earthly elements. I personally believe that nature has the power to heal and bring peace to us as human beings. With my work, I strive to bring awareness to this concept and hope that my viewers will understand how precious and valuable the natural world is. At the same time, as someone who struggles with mental health issues, I feel that bringing awareness to the concept of self-care through my art is also important, and necessary. My goal is that my viewers can look at my work and be able to see themselves through it. I would also hope they would find the pieces relatable and comforting.

Samples of Work