DoeDeer Photos

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Merecedes chooses to live her life in a dream-like state and view the world through an ethereal lens, transforming the mundane into magic and her surroundings into a surreal and vivid wonderland no matter where she is. This can be seen through her film photography where she uses all sorts of techniques to convey her dreamy reality into a tangible form for the viewer. Whether it be special film that shifts the colors and hues in an image to something much more mystical, soaking her film in different liquids to create trippy visual landscapes, or layering multiple exposures on top of each other while shooting to combine separate realities into one, her work is designed to envelop you in a strangely beautiful other world that she lives in every day.

DoeDeer Photos is the artist moniker that she uses; if it seems familiar it may be from the years she has spent documenting the local music scene here in Sioux Falls. Lately her focus has shifted towards the creation of a film photography scene in Sioux Falls, by way of The Silver Grain Collective, uniting the analog photographers of Sioux Falls!

Be on the lookout for upcoming shows and books, and please feel free to reach out via email if you would like to purchase any pieces or book a shoot, or even to get some film developed.

Samples of Work