Dewey Noordmans

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Like many others I found an enjoyment for creating videos and ‘film-making’ during my time in college. This enjoyment has developed into a passion for storytelling via the DSLR camera my parents helped me purchase years ago. Since then I have found work in music ministry in Sioux Falls South Dakota, but never lost my passion for this art form.

In my spare time I seek to create with others who share the same passion as I do. I long to create with people who are willing to do whatever it takes to make a story come alive through the lens of a camera whether or not it sees a large audience or earns a profit. I understand there are few people out there with a creed like this anymore. Most folks tend to think if it doesn’t make money it’s not worth doing. This makes sense if you want to make a living off of movies, but not if you want to tell impactful unique fresh stories.

For the time being Mountain Films will be a hobby, but maybe one day will become more. Whatever God uses this film-making passion for is yet to be seen.

Samples of Work