Deb Yoder

Sioux Falls SD

About The Artist

I am, among other things, a sound therapist. This means I use the Himalayan singing bowls as a relaxation meditation therapy. Much of my work is for the Avera medical system, bringing meditation to cancer patients, rehab patients, clients at behavioral health and the various addiction care programs. I also work with the Phoenix (sober living community) and the Glory House through the nonprofit Journey of Hope. I believe that it is my purpose to help others come to a state of rest so that their bodies can perform their own healing.

The sounds and vibrations of the bowls produce a state of relaxation in the body and mind, allowing the listener to release tension, stress and anxiety on the physical level as well as the mental level. The body and the brain come to a resting state, sometimes even to the point of sleep. Pain can be alleviated. The body moves from a state of fight/flight (sympathetic nervous system) to the rest/digest (parasympathetic nervous system) response.

I recently received a micro grant from the Sioux Falls Arts Council to work with an underserved population within our community and am planning to work with homeless veterans through the use of this grant. 

Samples of Work