D. MacKenzie Foster

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

MacKenzie Bo Benzie           

      …otherwise know as D. MacKenzie Foster, is a burgeoning local Artist, Poet and Performer that’s just bursting out unto the Sioux Falls scene!                                    While she has just released her first book “Not the Bees & Other Such Things” to critical aclaim… she isn’t resting on her laurels.                                                                      Not only is MacKenzie working hard on her next book, she’s got alot of other projects coming down the pipe! Including; performing, filming and animating their poems, creating detailed collages, MC’ing shows and events, acting in and creating short films, play-testing their Original Team Sport, and has twice now performed her epic poem “Not the Bees” as a live theatrical stage play! This girls really up to alot!                                                     If ya wanna catch some of what’s she’s got, check out her book on either Amazon or nighthorsepublishing.com, or pop by Full Circle Book Co-Op! And if none of those work, still a good chance you can catch MacKenzie jaywalking!                              So please, check out the delightfully wonderful artist, MacKenzie Bo Benzie here today! 

Samples of Work