Colten Runge


About The Artist

Colten Runge is a Midwestern oil painter based in South Dakota. At a young age, Colten was drawn to art focusing his attention to graphite and ink mediums. It wouldn’t be till his last year of high school where he picked up oil painting. After graduating, Colten would put down the paintbrush in order to join the workforce. It wasn’t until 2021 that he would return to nurture his love for art.

Now with a newly revived passion for oil paint, Colten is spearheading his career with his
unique style described as “street art meets impressionism”. Colten often draws inspiration from music, nature, and personal life experiences. Travel also influences his pieces. Painting places he has seen and places he hasn’t, showcasing his perception of what they might look like. How does Colten go from blank canvas to unique painting? It all starts with a ruff, mental image combined with days of thought. Brush hits canvas, bringing his paintings to life using traditional oil painting techniques! Using oils is important to him. The use of oils brings him closer to history and draws a connection to the artists of the past. Coltens main achievement with his works is to help others express their emotions. He hopes that others may find sanctuary within his paintings and bring beauty, creativity, and a sense of peace.

Samples of Work