Clark Martinek


About The Artist

“Blacksmith by trade Artist by Choice”
Clark has been working metal in various ways for over 25 years now. He wanted to find new and different ways to make it do things people said it couldn’t do. Most of his ideas transform from doodles, doodles migrate to more detailed drawings, and drawings to real-life items for the world to see. Metal is not the easiest of mediums to work in. It can be hard to manipulate and demands dedication in order to make it move properly. So once the final product is achieved it can be very rewarding and he is loyal to steel for those reasons. He also enjoys the multitude of techniques that can be used to create art with this material. Its stated his desire to create comes from many places and he is often inspired by his family, nature, and the abstract thoughts in his head. His items can be found on sculpture walks, galleries, and private homes around the world. He is also open to custom commissions. To view more or request a resume visit his website.

Samples of Work

602 870 8688