Asher Deinke

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Hey! I’m Asher, a filmmaker living in Sioux Falls. Ever since I got my hands on a video camera, I’ve been making movies. I started taking it seriously in middle school, making short films and video sketches. 48-hour film competitions got me through high school. I graduated Northeast Community College with a Digital Cinema/Media Arts degree. I love everything about the filmmaking process, but I’ve developed a true passion for screenwriting, directing, and editing. I’m a horror/comedy creator all the way, and always look to inject in a bit of campy fun into my stories. I recently started a local film club called the “Filmmaker’s Studio” –held at Full Circle Book Co-op–that serves as a safe space for artists to connect and explore the medium, and (of course) make films! I’ve already met so many talented people that I’m excited to work on many future projects with! 

Samples of Work