Writing Contest!

Writing Contest!

Writing Contest: Describe a Movie Clip and You Could Win $2000!

Take a look at this. CaptionMax, a subtitle and video description company, is inviting writers to describe a short movie clip. The best entry wins $2,000 (or $1,000 for second, $500 for third). That’s a lot of money for describing 90 seconds of video!

And it’s for a good cause. Description, as it’s called in the industry, helps people with vision loss enjoy movies and TV programs. Writers translate visual information into words, inserting description of the scene into the pauses between spoken words in the original soundtrack.

P.S. Submissions due online, http://www.videodescriptioncontest.com/, by
April 30, 2014.

Details can be found at http://videodescriptioncontest.com/. Any additional questions can be forwarded to Luke Finsaas, luke.finsaas@gmail.com, 651-366-7608