“REFOCUS” Art Exhibit Challenges Perceptions of Visible Disabilities Through Photography

September 26, 2023

Sioux Falls, SD – In an effort to challenge stereotypes and reshape perceptions, “REFOCUS” – a groundbreaking art exhibit featuring photography of individuals with visible disabilities – is set to captivate audiences. This incredible event is the result of a unique collaboration between two nonprofits in the community, Rare by Design and Untitled.10.

For one night only, on October 21, “REFOCUS” will take center stage at the newly unveiled
downtown event space, Monick Yards. This highly-anticipated exhibit will showcase the work of lead artist and photographer, Hollie Leggett, as she skillfully captures individuals with visible disabilities in an editorial and uplifting light.

The core mission of “REFOCUS” is to bridge the gap between initial perceptions and the rich
human experiences that lie beneath visible disabilities. People with visible disabilities often face immediate assumptions and judgments due to their conditions, a reality they cannot conceal.

This exhibit seeks to challenge these preconceived notions through the powerful medium of
photography, with the aim of telling unique stories, dismantling stigmas, and challenging
misconceptions. Hollie Leggett’s artistry shines through as she presents 14 remarkable models, each custom styled to showcase their distinctive personalities and narratives. The result is a collection of visually stunning and emotionally resonant portraits that invite viewers to see beyond the surface and into the lives of these extraordinary individuals.
What sets “REFOCUS” apart is its unwavering commitment to accessibility in all its forms. From the physical space to model biographies and intangibles, every aspect of this exhibit has been carefully designed to ensure inclusivity and accommodate the diverse needs of all visitors.

“REFOCUS” is not merely an art exhibit; it is an editorial and artistic experience that invites
viewers to see visual disabilities in a new light. By reframing the public’s outlook and
encouraging a fresh perspective, this meticulous exhibit serves as a catalyst for change and
Join us Saturday, October 21 from 4-7pm, for a free one-of-a-kind celebration of community,
inclusivity, and artistry. “REFOCUS” promises to be an evening that challenges perceptions,
sparks conversations, and invites all to embrace a new frame of mind.

About Rare by Design:
Rare by Design is a nonprofit organization that works towards creating awareness, inclusion
and representation for individuals with a rare disease and disability. Focused on living life
positively to support our community and their families, we strive to foster community
engagement for individuals with rare diseases and disabilities. Learn more about Rare by
Design’s commitment to celebrating the rare that makes us unique and extraordinary at

About Untitled.10:
Untitled.10 is a visual art organization operating out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our mission is to create art events in public spaces giving new and emerging artists in our community a platform to share their artwork and their voices. We strive to be equitable, inclusive, and open minded in our process. There are so many talented artists in our community and we feel there is a need for diverse and locally driven arts programming. Learn more about Untitled.10 by visiting un10sf.com

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