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DREAM OF MAKING A LIVING AT YOUR ART? Then you definitely want to check out our professional development series. This once a month luncheon will focus on various topics related to pursuing your dream of becoming a professional artist. We’ll get together at noon on the third Wednesday of the month at Utopia (the cafe in Falls Park). Attending is free, and Utopia is donating a $10 meal deal that includes entree, drink and dessert. Please RSVP by the Monday before.

Our kickoff speaker is Matt Luke of Complete Media, Inc. in Sioux Falls.  Matt will be presenting on artist branding and how to carry that through in your web marketing.

“5 Things You Can Do Now to Market Your Art:

Successful artists are not always successful because of their art. Ever seen
a successful artist and think to yourself, “I could do that?” Most
successful artists are either dead or great at marketing. Let’s focus on the
marketing. Learn 5 things you can do now to market your art.  We will teach
you successful strategies that take just a few dollars and a few minutes of
your time.”

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