Move To Heal South Dakota

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

At Move To Heal South Dakota we are empowering youth to overcome trauma and embrace a bright future through movement-based programs. Our Healing Arts Program: Level 1 is a 8-week journey at the intersection of art, movement, and healing. This program embodies our commitment to fostering well-being through innovative practices, including embodied movement yoga, dance movement, expressive arts (performing arts). In addition to our Healing Arts Program, we have a Dance Collective that features adult and youth performing artists in community pop-up shows within local organizations and afterschool programs.

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Part 1: Embodied Movement Yoga for Kids:
Grounded in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Kids (TCTSYK), this segment focuses on providing a safe space for children to explore, express, and reconnect with their bodies. It’s not about flexibility or perfect poses but about choices, autonomy, and the empowering practice of embodied movement.

Part 2: Embodied Dance Movement:
Building upon the foundational trauma-sensitive yoga practice, this segment invites participants to explore dance movement. It’s an extension that adds a unique focus on interoception, choice-making, and the exploration of new ways to move the body—all set to a diverse musical options.

Part 3: Expressive Arts (Performing Arts):
In the final part, participants engage in Performing Arts—a powerful form of expression where artists use music and bodies to convey messages. This phase provides a bridge between embodied movement and dance, giving participants the choice to present their artistic expressions, fostering a sense of agency and empowerment.

Learn more about our Dance Collective:

Our adult and youth Dance Collective is a vibrant community where movement becomes a shared language, promoting healing, expression, and connection. One way we enjoy dance in the community is through our rendition of the Nutcracker that is performed in afterschool programs with youth who have completed our Healing Arts Program and dancers from the Collective.

Samples of Work