Dana LeVan

Sioux Falls

About The Artist

Dana LeVan is percussionist and teacher who is passionate about music used as a medium for social transformation and social justice. LeVan accomplishes this through projects working with underrepresented composers, performers, and artists that bring to light important social issues. LeVan is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and performs with the Omaha Symphony Orchestra, Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, the National Composers Orchestra, and various churches. LeVan has served as a concerto soloist in China, as well as touring ensembles throughout the Midwest. In addition to performing in large ensembles. LeVan has collaborated and performed with highly acclaimed musicians Danny Elfman and Ivan Trevino. LeVan was a 2023 Fulbright Semifinalist and has collected a list of awards from various institutions including the Richard and Susie Wagoner Student-Faculty Research Award to study music production with Dr. Peter Folliard. Additionally, she studies the West African funeral instrument the Gyil in New York City, NY with master teacher Valerie Naranjo. LeVan holds a master of music degree from the University of Nebraska Omaha where she studied with Hannah Weaver and Spencer Jones and a bachelor of arts in music education from Augustana University where she studied with Dr. John C. Pennington. She also holds an AVID certification for Pro-Tools.

Samples of Work