White Wall Sessions

The White Wall Sessions, located beneath Last Stop CD Shop on East 10th Street, is a local music program recorded in front of a small studio audience. The well-received show premiered in September of 2013 as a Facebook project to promote music, art and culture.

“We take an artistic, documentary-like visual feel to each song, which gives the viewer a personal, introspective look at each musician and song,” says Jeff Zueger, the Sessions’ creator & executive producer. “We take a look into the music of people who are passionate, dedicated and who are committed to their art,” says Zueger.

Every song is tracked live and completely remixed using state of the art production and post production equipment to capture each unique performance. The show is recorded in full 1080 HD, giving the viewer an enriched audio and visual experience.

Locally, it is rated #1 on Saturday nights and has recorded over 150 artists to date, and is the only non-news program to do so.

“It instill pride in our community,” says Zueger. “The White Wall Sessions promotes Sioux Falls as an entertainment destination.”

The two-time Emmy-nominated White Wall Sessions broadcasts throughout all of South Dakota, North Dakota, and to over 30,000 cable viewers in western Minnesota.

It is rated number one in the Sioux Falls market, and continues to grow its digital footprint exponentially via Facebook and YouTube, reaching 12,000 people with 180,000 views, respectively.

The show airs on Keloland TV Saturday nights at 10:30 CT, immediately following the local news, and again at 2 am . (9:30 & 1:30 MT). If you haven’t heard of the White Wall Sessions, perhaps now is your time to pay attention!

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Check out the White Wall Sessions on their website & other social media platforms:


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