Parking Ramp Mural

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

The Sioux Falls Arts Council seeks artists and artist teams to submit qualifications to create and execute a temporary mural on the 10th street parking ramp.


Work with the Sioux Falls Arts Council to create a mural on the 10th Street Parking Ramp

  • Project Budget is $28,500
  • Expected completion of project June 30, 2023
  • No fee to submit qualifications
  • Submit all requested information to
  • This is a temporary mural and may only be visible for 18 months depending on future development of location.
  • The completed mural is envisioned to be painted on the lower portion of the wall and utilize negative space rather than painting the entire wall.


  • This opportunity is open to individual artists and artists teams
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Applicants must have demonstrated experience in the arts through the creation of high-quality murals.


Interested parties will submit qualifications to the Sioux Falls Arts Council with the intent to create and execute a mural on the south facing wall of the 10th Street Parking Ramp between Mall Ave and 1st St. Up to three qualified artists will be selected and paid $500 for a completed mural proposal that includes; a to scale rendering, thematic statement, mural budget and timeline for their mural concept.

These mural proposals will then be reviewed by the City of Sioux Falls Visual Arts Commission, property owners and stakeholders for the final artist selection process. $500 payment will be issued after the completion of the submitted proposal materials (scaled rendering, thematic statement, mural budget, and timeline.)

Final Mural Artist Selected.

One muralist/muralist team will be selected and will work collaboratively with the Sioux Falls Arts Council, Visual Arts Commission, City of Sioux Falls and Stakeholders to finalize the design and complete the physical mural artwork. Selected artists will complete the contractual agreement and be issued a down payment to begin work.

Project Budget:

The Project Budget is $28,500 for all artist fees including, review committee engagement, equipment rentals, all materials, fabrication, travel, lodging, meals, and installation. Sioux Falls Arts Council will provide any necessary insurance, permits, and documentation required by the City of Sioux Falls.  Sioux Falls Arts Council will execute a deliverables-based contract valued at $28,500 with the artist. Artists will be paid 50% upon contract signing, and 50% upon completion.

RFQ Schedule

RFQ Issued October 5, 2022

Deadline for RFQ November 9, 2022

Selected artists notified November 16, 2022

Deadline Submittal of Design for Mural December 14, 2022

Mural work selected and artist(s) notified December 20, 2022

Work begins Spring 2023

Work finished June 30, 2023


How To Apply:

Submit your contact information, CV, portfolio including 3-5 images of recent mural work, and letter of interest to:

When submitting your images they need to be JPEG and a minimum of 72 dpi, labeled with your last name, first name, and title. Example: LastName_FirstName_Title.jpg

Up to three artists/artist teams will be selected and required to submit a mural proposal that is one to two pages long.


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