Sioux Falls Awards in the Arts

2021 Sioux Falls Awards in the Arts

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Paladino Hohm Sculpture Garden at the Washington Pavilion

The public is invited to nominate candidates for awards in the following categories:

I. Individual Excellence in the Arts
Recognizes individual performing, music, visual or literary artists whose contributions have raised the bar in their artistic specialty, made an impact on the professional development of other artists or forged new paths in connecting their work to the community.

II. Forward Arts Award
Honors an organization or business which has helped move education, creation or awareness of the arts forward in our community.

III. Innovative Project Award
Recognizes a project characterized by meaningful partnerships between or among private businesses, public bodies, individual artists, and organizations. This award seeks to recognize partnerships that created a new way for the community at large to experience the arts.

IV. Charlotte Carver Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts
Named for the first Executive Director of the South Dakota Arts Council and a long-time advocate and friend of the arts in Sioux Falls, this award honors an individual or organization that has demonstrated an enduring, long-term dedication to the arts.

Nominations accepted until further notice.

For more information, call the Sioux Falls Arts Council at 605.271.6696 or email at

    Your information if the selection committee needs to reach out with any questions regarding this nomination:

    2018 Sioux Falls Awards in the Arts

     Award Honorees

    Individual Excellence Award –  Robert Wendland

    Individual Excellence Award – Doosook Kim

    Individual Excellence Award – Scott Parsons

    Forward Arts Award – South Dakota Writes

    Innovative Project Award – Ipso Gallery’s “Ka-Chunk” and Paladino Hohm Sculpture Garden

    Charlotte Carver Award for Achievement in the Arts – Brian & Kaija Bonde


    1999-2018 Sioux Falls Awards in the Arts Past Winners